Our Services

Data Acquisition and Storage

Acquire new data sources through web scraping and other autonomous extraction techniques. Secure data warehouse and data lake solutions for storing structured and unstructured data, optimized for your data types and volume.

Integration and Enrichment

Improved data quality through cleansing, validation and appending to new sources. Scalable optimized data pipelines providing immediate access to unified data from internal and external sources.

Data Quality Management

Processes to create transparent records of the evolution of various aspects of input data, aiding in identification of areas for improvement and importance; Insights from Data Quality reports enhance data acquisition and enrichment strategy.

Machine Learning

Predict and classify data for any use case. Machine learning models can adapt and make quality decisions autonomously.


Entity Resolution


Image Recognition

Data Science

Understand the mechanics of complex systems by quantifying relationships to enhance strategic capability.


Causality Analysis




Performant systems built on solid foundations.

Building a strong data foundation is vital to continual improvement AI systems, and requires a holistic approach. We build flexible data architecture that facilitate and elucidate the evolution of data assets. Thoughtfully increase your data assets by demystify performance drivers and understanding ROI.




Infrastructure as code

AI powered Apps

Autonomous applications that bring together various machine learning models, insights from data science models and business rules to intelligently decide and act bringing unprecedented levels of consistency as well as reliability to business processes.


Reliable and efficient model deployment processes are a key differentiator for successful systems. Our tooling follows best practices and provides insights ensuring your system quickly and transparently evolves in an ever changing environment.

Business Intelligence

Define quality KPIs for monitoring progress towards business goals. Customized interactive dashboards facilitating data discovery to drive strategy with real-time actionable insights.

Simplified AI

Web Applications can be used in myriad ways to simplify and enhance AI systems. We build user interfaces to control and analyze various aspects of the system while maintaining scalability to support hundreds of thousands of concurrent users.

Specializing in geostatistical machine learning R&D and data infrastructure development. Creating and deploying analytical web applications for machine learning models and market analysis.


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